City Line: Adolescents & Mental Health

Dec. 2020

Mental health has often been thought of as a character flaw rather than a serious health condition. Because of the stigma that surrounds mental illness, many people don’t get the help that they need because they are afraid of judgement, so they suffer in silence.

Katrina Huff-Larmond, a Boston-based clinical social worker who specializes in treating mental health disorders in adolescents and young adults discuss how mental health is impacting Black and other teens of color.

Town Council Meetings


Town Council meetings are venues where Katrina believes she brings other voices to the table. Fighting for the people she serves is what Katrina does as a Town Councilor and is what she plans to continue doing as a State Senator.

Katrina believes in working collaboratively with residents. She prides herself in building community relationships to understand the needs of the people she serves.

Town Council and School Committee Joint Meetings


Town Council and School Committee joint meetings allow the two boards to strategize collaboratively on the best interests of the town and school.

Katrina appreciates the opportunity to sit with School Committee members to discuss the needs of Randolph students and provide any assistance  that the Town Council can give.

For Norfolk and 2nd Plymouth County

Katrina is excited to be running for State Senate so that she can continue to use her social work skills in educating, advocating for, and lifting up her neighbors.